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How to Make Your DFAC Food or MRE Taste Edible

It’s just fact that dining facility food and MREs will never taste as good as a home cooked meal. When it comes to feeding service members, food has to be made in mass quantity and made so that it is field-stable — able to withstand less than ideal serving temperatures and conditions where it will…

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A Thank You to Veterans From Diamond Dale

Veteran’s Day is a day that many service members get anxious about — what do I say when people say, “Happy Veteran’s Day”?. Many service members, past or current, feel that taking credit as a card-carrying Veteran somehow dishonors those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Veteran’s Day was established as a completely different holiday than…

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Savor Stunning Flavor With Our MSG-Free Spice Rub

Ever eaten savory food that tasted amazing and you weren’t sure why, but you knew you wanted more of that flavor? We’re all fans of flavor. Whether we’re grilling, toasting, or trying to make leftovers exciting, we’ve discovered that sprinkling a few spices over the food makes all the difference. Whatever spices you choose, salt…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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