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How to Make Your DFAC Food or MRE Taste Edible

It’s just fact that dining facility food and MREs will never taste as good as a home cooked meal. When it comes to feeding service members, food has to be made in mass quantity and made so that it is field-stable — able to withstand less than ideal serving temperatures and conditions where it will sit as long as training takes. Additionally, these types of foods have to be able to feed a wide variety of people and take into account various sensitivities, allergies, and potential exacerbators of chronic disease — think hypertension! So, the food may be high in fuel and essential vitamins — or so they say — but (seriously) lacking in flavor. In today’s post, we will share some insight on a few things you can do to make it taste edible.

Salt n’ Pepper.

Of course, these classic tricks have been used since the beginning of time to season any food. However, for many people, especially those exposed to high stress levels, the salt can be dangerous in the quantities required to make DFAC food and MREs seem edible. So, although this tip is generally readily available, it should be avoided and only used as a last resort.

Napalm the Jungle

This old tactic has been used by service members for decades. Any food that is not quite worthy or tasting can be drowned in a high dose of hot sauce. When food is spicy enough, you’ll be too concerned about your burning mouth than the flavor of the food. The unfortunate side effects of this tactic include an intimate understanding of field sanitation regulations — don’t forget your e-tool!

Diamond Dale’s World Famous Spice & Rub

Perhaps a biased opinion — although not unfounded — is sprinkling Diamond Dale’s World Famous Spice & Rub on it. While I can do little about the quality or taste of the food served, my delicious salt, MSG, and gluten-free dry rub can be used to season anything without the side effects of other products. This award-winning spice is Texas-made by a Veteran who has had too many helpings of dining facility mermites and knows a thing or two about how to make them, and any other food, taste amazing!

Whether you are having hot-chow in the field or making pork rub on the weekends, Diamond Dale’s World Famous Spice & Rub will give every bite a five-star taste. Order a bottle for your spice rack and one for your rucksack!

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