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Pop a bag of popcorn of your liking. Simply open the bag make a few hefty shakes of Diamond Dale Spice in the bag. Shake, serve, and enjoy!





Baked chicken:
Trim the fat off of about ten thighs, peel the skin back, season the meat with Diamond Dale spice, fold the skin back down and place in your broiler pan. Then season the top of the thighs. No seasoning needed on the bottom of the thighs. Place the oven on 425°. Drain the grease twice over the next 45 minutes until skin is crispy, then serve and enjoy!




Pull the membrane off the back of the ribs. (I have found if you pull up one corner of the membrane you can grab it with a paper towel and rip it off) simply apply a generous helping of Diamond Dale’s Spice on both sides and cook your normal way and enjoy!





Deviled eggs:
Make them your normal way and simply top them with Diamond Dale Spice for an added great flavour.





If possible buy marinated fajitas, coat both sides with Diamond Dale Spice and cook your normal way, You need no other spice.