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Good Morning Dale,

We met yesterday morning off Studemont and I-10. I was in workout clothes and in a rush, when you casually struck up a conversation.

I wanted to let you know that after purchasing your World Famous Spice Rub and trying it on my chicken last night, you have a lifer! This stuff is gold. Just enough heat to leave me satisfied without breaking a sweat. Anyone who can stand by their product in the store and sell it with such genuine passion deserves a try. And I'm so glad I did!

  • Anonymous

Cowboy Benny Lee from the James Little Band really enjoys this spice on just about everything. Thank you for the gift for the band.

  • Cowboy Benny Lee

I loved it ! Everyone needs to try it ! It's tasty and not bad for your health. It's a home run!!

  • Kristina R.

Thank you for sharing your amazing spice with us! Diamond Dale is very delicious!

  • Nancy V.

Hands down the most charismatic spice you can rub on your meat.

  • Roy E.

Best spice out there!! I use it on everything I cook!!

  • Dylan E.


We visited Houston, TX a few years ago and found it in a store there. We are always looking for no-MSG and lower sodium, no-sugar, options for rubs. My husband uses this on chicken thighs and wings and ribs when he smokes them in his smoker. We can't find the seasoning in NC, so we order it online.

Simply wonderful! as tasteful as our Jeeps @jeepheritage in Columbus, TX!

  • Daniel D.

Best seasoning for everything!! #dombdotcom

  • Kayla L.