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Good Morning Dale,

We met yesterday morning off Studemont and I-10. I was in workout clothes and in a rush, when you casually struck up a conversation.

I wanted to let you know that after purchasing your World Famous Spice Rub and trying it on my chicken last night, you have a lifer! This stuff is gold. Just enough heat to leave me satisfied without breaking a sweat. Anyone who can stand by their product in the store and sell it with such genuine passion deserves a try. And I'm so glad I did!

  • Anonymous

Cowboy Benny Lee from the James Little Band really enjoys this spice on just about everything. Thank you for the gift for the band.

  • Cowboy Benny Lee

I loved it ! Everyone needs to try it ! It's tasty and not bad for your health. It's a home run!!

  • Kristina R.

Thank you for sharing your amazing spice with us! Diamond Dale is very delicious!

  • Nancy V.

Hands down the most charismatic spice you can rub on your meat.

  • Roy E.

Best spice out there!! I use it on everything I cook!!

  • Dylan E.